Multi Genre, World Fusion, Music Artist.

Lee has been writing and creating music for over thirty years. Inspired by a combination of early musical world influences, his heritage, and life experiences.

MayJah is on a mission to motivate, inspire and spread positivity. Attempting to get a conscious, yet honest, message to the masses.

It seems rarely positive music is celebrated, enough, by the industry to encourage more of it...

At a time when violence and negativity are rife within society and continue to affect so many, one would think positivity would prevail, that the industry would do their part to push more music that promotes and celebrates life? Alas this is not the case.

Worldwide within music we see many artists portraying negative lifestyles. It now seems almost a requirement for many to base their image and songs on and around negativity, violence and crime.

Whether fact or purely for entertainment, the outcome is destructive.

We have fans worldwide, young and old alike, emulating the mannerisms and lifestyles many of their role models openly promote and glorify.

We must set boundaries yet still convey an honest message. This chain can only be broken through example.