I have been creating music for over thirty five years. Attempting to motivate, inspire and spread positivity.

I feel positive music is not promoted or celebrated enough by the industry to encourage more of it. During times when violence and negativity are rife within society, recent years see us living some of the most chaotic times in the history of our lives. One would imagine there was no time like the present for positivity to prevail. That we would see the endorsement of more artists and music that promotes and celebrates life. This is far from the case.

Worldwide within music we see many artists portraying negative lifestyles, openly promoting senseless violence and criminality, which brings with it a destructive message and energy. It now seems almost a requirement for major music companies to roll out artist after artist to do exactly this. How can this continue to be passed off as simply entertainment, fans worldwide young and old, emulating the mannerisms and lifestyles many of their role models openly promote and glamorise.

Music is an art form, freedom of expression without apology. Nobody is suggesting there shouldn’t be some topics and themes that push boundaries.But how much longer will music that is not representative of the masses continue to be pushed by the industry?
It would seem chaotic, negative music makes for good business?

Many years ago N.W.A and similar groups were referred to as Reality Rap. Where did the term “Gangster Rap” come from, who coined these phrases and labels? Any individuals entering a particular genre of music already have a prerequisite, there is an expectancy for a gangster rapper to behave in a manner fitting the description.

This chain can only be broken through reclassification of self and example